FCAT Event Entry for May 6 and May 7, 2023

About the Event

This weekend of Fast CAT events is brought to you by the Springfield Missouri Dog Training Club (SMDTC) in Springfield, MO.  SMDTC will be hosting two events on Saturday and two on Sunday.

Entries for these events can be purchased online through this website or you can print and fill out the form found on the last page of the Premium and mail it to the address indicated. Please read the entire Premium as it contains all the information about the trial. We will be accepting online entries via the website up until the trial fills or the closing date is reached. Limit is 100 runs per trial. No day of entries will be accepted. The fee is $20 per run. There is a $1.00 processing fee added to each run for the online entries. The Fast CAT course is completely fenced. Electronic beam timers will be used. These are rain-or-shine outdoor events. Please plan accordingly. Bring your own shade, chairs, water and food for you and your dog(s). There will be water and restrooms available onsite. Your dog must be at least one year of age to compete in an AKC Fast CAT event.

Saturday EventsSunday Events
#2023249346 (Trial 1 Saturday 5/6/23)#2023249348 (Trial 1 Sunday 5/7/23)
#2023249347 (Trial 2 Saturday 5/6/23)#2023249349 (Trial 2 Sunday 5/7/23)

Fast CAT is a two person operation. You need one person to catch and one person to release. Make sure to bring two leashes – one for releasing and one for your catch person. You can choose whether to release or catch your dog – it’s completely up to the handler.

Since this is an AKC event, all rules governing the trials are in effect. No dogs are permitted to have prong collars, choke collars, or electronic collars on the track or on the grounds where the trial is being held. We ask that you follow these rules and make sure your dog is not wearing one of these three types of collars. No tags or other objects can be attached to collar unless they are taped up out of the way. No flexi-leads are allowed to be used anywhere near the run area.

AKC rules require an inspection prior to each run. We have to make sure the dog is not injured or in heat. No wrappings or blankets can be on the dog when being inspected. The inspection committee has the right to decline a dog if they feel it is too overweight or unfit to compete. If you should ever notice that your dog is limping or showing signs of distress, you should not run them. In these cases, you will get a full refund. We don’t want any dogs to get hurt.

SMDTC is not a new club, but we are new to hosting FCAT events. Our lure operators are new to the sport as well. Your patience is appreciated. Be nice to the volunteers! We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave.

Hope you come out and spend the weekend with SMDTC.


If you register a dog online, you can register for multiple events at the same time without having to fill out the dog’s information more than once. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter all the required information for the dog being entered.
  2. Make sure the number of events entered matches the quantity of entries you input at the end of the form.
  3. You will need to enter your payment information to complete the sale.

You will repeat this Process for each dog you enter in events.

If you are running more than one dog in the same height class and need to have them not run immediately after each other then you need to mark “separate my entries” on your entry form.

All dogs entering events will need an AKC number, PAL/ILP or Canine Partner. If your dog does not have a number, you can visit one of the following AKC pages: Canine Partner (mixed-breed) or PAL/ILP (purebred)

Hope to see you at the track!