A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog

SMDTC is dedicated to producing dogs that have been trained and conditioned always to behave in home, in public places, and in the presence of other dogs.

Obedience & Rally Show and Go

SMDTC Building

NON Club Members please RSVP by emailing melissahen@gmail.com or using the link below click here to pre register Pre Entries $7 for the first entry of dog and $4 for Continue Reading →

Fast Cat Fun run

SMDTC Building

Fast Cat Fun Run is open to members and non members. $5 per run for SMDTC Members (max 2 runs) & $10 per run for non SMDTC members (max 2 runs)

Fast Cat Fun Run

SMDTC Building

SMDTC Members Only
$5 per run (max of 2 runs) OR donate a box of working Christmas lights by Saturday November 25th
Will reschedule if weather is an issue
If you would like to bring some cookies to share, the club will provide beverages