Discounts Available

  • Class Coupon*$5 coupon available for students in beginner classes (puppy socialization and home manners) who did not purchase a package and want to take a second course. Enter Promo Code CP5 in your shopping cart to receive this discount. Coupon must be presented first night of class.
  • Rescue*$10 discount for dogs adopted from the SW MO Humane Society or a reputable rescue organization upon presentation of an adoption contract. Please note: All dogs must be in the new owner’s home at least two (2) weeks prior to the dog attending class. In order to be eligible for this discount, you must provide documentation from the rescue group or humane society from which you adopted your dog. This discount applies only to the FIRST class taken at SMDTC. Enter Promo Code R10 in your shopping cart to receive this discount.

*Only one discount may be applied to any class.

Package Pricing

This pricing is intended for a single dog and classes must be taken consecutively (not concurrently). The second class in the package must be taken within a year from the date the package was purchased.

  • Package 1
    • AKC Star Puppy (individually $125) AND
    • 4-6 months Puppy Home Manners OR Home Manners ($145 each individually) =
    • Package price $235 ($25 savings)
  • Package 2
    • Home Manners OR 4-6 months Puppy Home Manners ($145 each individually) AND
    • Public Manners (individually $145) =
    • Package price $245 ($45 savings)

Please note:

  • Please go to Class List Registration and click on the Package link on the upper right to register for a package.
  • No other discounts or coupons may be applied to packaged class purchases. Only one discount allowed per course.