About Us

The Springfield Dog Training Club (SMDTC) was established in 1970, and was licensed by the American Kennel Club in 1984. The Club is licensed to hold AKC Obedience Trials, AKC Rally Trials, AKC Agility Trials, AKC Tracking Tests & Variable Surface Tests, AKC Scent Work Trials & AKC Fast CAT Trials.  The club also has sanctioned AKC STAR puppy testing, CGC Testing, CGCA testing, CGCU testing & AKC Tricks Titles testing.

SMDTC Purpose

SMDTC is dedicated to producing dogs that have been trained and conditioned always to behave in home, in public places, and in the presence of other dogs. The aim is to encourage willingness and enjoyment from the dog while establishing necessary control. If you would like to become a member, you can


Any person who becomes a member during the fiscal year will pay dues on a yearly basis as follows, April 1 to Dec 21 at $35, $40 for a Family membership.  Individual submitting the application after January 1, will also pay $35, or $40 for a Family membership and will have dues paid through the next fiscal year.  Junior memberships (ages 17 & under) are available, please inquire for further information.

All members will be considered valid from the day the general membership votes them into membership.  Becoming a member takes approximately two months.

Eligible Active members get discounted classes.  Eligibility for member discounts on classes requires that a member:

  • Has trained through 2 classes at full price, either as a member or as a non-member
  • Attends meetings regularly (at least 4) and serve the club as a volunteer during the preceding year

Dues for the current year must accompany the application.  If you have any questions, please call Carol Conley, Membership Chairperson at 417-299-1280 or email at membershipsmdtc.org

Training Facility and Instructors

SMDTC’s training facility is located at 454 N. Farm Road 223 Springfield, MO 65802. It includes two training rooms, both located on the ground floor, is air-conditioned and heated, has a pop machine, rest rooms, and a phone available. All of our instructors are volunteers. To become an instructor, requirements must be met which include: experience in training dogs, completion of assistant and apprenticeship programs, reading and seminar attendance, and approval by the Training Committee. There are over 40 instructors, giving a large pool of experience from which to draw. Every effort is made to keep instructors up-to-date on new training methods.

Directions From US 65 & Division Street
From US 65, exit onto Division St./Hwy YY and travel East 4.6 miles to MO 125. Turn right onto MO 125 and travel South one mile to Farm Rd. 223. The building will be on your left.

Directions From US 65 & Sunshine Street
From US 65, exit onto Sunshine St. and travel East 6.2 miles to MO 125. Turn left onto MO 125 and travel North 2.1 miles to Farm Rd. 132. Turn left onto Farm Road 132 and then turn right onto Farm Rd 223. The building will be on your right.

Directions From US 60
From US 60, exit onto MO 125 and travel North 6.3 miles to Farm Road 132. Turn left onto Farm Road 132 and then turn right onto Farm Rd 223. The building will be on your right.